Why is Italian roast coffee the best?

Italian roasters take special pride in their roast coffee. Some spend their lives working to perfect the art of making the perfect coffee. The beans, blend and grounds are important but it is the human touch that makes the coffee so special. So if you’re looking for that perfect cup of coffee, you should try Italian roast coffee.

What is Italian roast coffee?

Italian coffee is the term applied to the process of roasting a coffee bean until it reaches a very dark brown colour. The beans pass a second crack, which gives them the dark colour. The oils in the bean also give them a shiny surface.

What does the second crack mean?

When coffee beans are roasted, they pass through a process called “cracks”. Beans start to become edible when they pass the first crack. A second crack will result if the beans continue to roast. At this point, the oils that are inside the beans begin to move to the outer surface. Roasting Italian roast coffee beans beyond the second crack gives the beans its unique colour and flavour. The result is a dark bean, which has a bold flavour.

What makes Italian roast coffee different from French?

The temperature of a French roast is high enough to bring the oils in the bean to the surface. This results in a roasted flavour for the coffee or espresso. The Italian roast is usually the preferred choice in Italy. It is a darker and more oily roast than the French.

What does light or dark roast coffee mean?

Coffee roasters use the term light or dark roast to describe the colour of the bean after the roasting process has taken place. A longer roasting process leads to deeper flavours. French and Italian roasts are both very dark. However, they are less acidic than a light or medium roast.

How does the coffee process change the taste?

Not all coffees taste the same and the way that the beans are processed influences the final flavour of your cup of coffee. There are three main types of process used in the production of coffee.

  • Washed or wet method – the layers of the coffee bean are washed off before drying takes place. The resultant coffee will be of a high quality, with bright and fruity notes.
  • Dry or unwashed method – after washing, the bean is left to dry naturally. A strong flavour is the result.
  • Honey method – the outer layer of the bean is left intact. This produces a mellow flavour, with notes of moderate acidity with a hint of sweetness.

Is it cheaper to buy bulk coffee beans?

Buying bulk coffee beans may offer an economical advantage when purchasing Italian roast coffee or any of the best coffee beans. There are several reasons why it is recommended to purchase bulk coffee beans.

  • Save money by buying directly from the wholesaler. You should make considerable savings if you buy in larger quantities.
  • Greater choice of coffee brands. A wholesaler should provide more choice of a blend and roast. Your local supplier may only be able to offer the most popular coffee brands.
  • Higher quality of coffee beans. Buying bulk coffee beans should offer you more choice in selecting a higher quality of coffee beans. There is no need to have to rely on a limited selection that your local coffee outlet has available on the day.
  • Fresher coffee beans. Buying from a busy wholesaler will mean a greater turnover of stock. You will ensure that you always buy fresh coffee beans to give you the best tasting coffee experience.
  • Faster delivery times. Many online retailers offer next day delivery of their goods. Buying online is an easy way to buy your coffee beans without leaving the home or office.

Should I buy the best whole bean coffee?

The use of whole bean coffee is popular amongst coffee lovers today. Whole bean coffee needs grinding just before brewing the coffee. The best whole bean coffee will produce a fresh and rich taste that is more complex than ground coffee.

Speciality coffee

Types of coffee plant

The two main plants that are most commonly used to make coffee are the Robusta and Arabica. You may wish to try these for your speciality coffee.

  • Robusta – these beans give a taste low in acid but high in bitterness. Grown in lowland areas, the plants are known more for their resilience against disease rather than their quality of flavour.
  • Arabica – these beans produce a high quality coffee but the plants themselves have a low resistance to disease. Coffee made from Arabica beans is a popular choice amongst the world’s coffee drinkers.

Coffee drinks

Once you have purchased your best coffee beans, there are different types of coffee drinks that you can choose from. This is a small selection of the varieties available.


A true classic, an espresso is a strong and short coffee drink.


An Americano is a popular drink, made from an espresso with the addition of hot water.

Flat white

Make a flat white with a double espresso. Add lightly frosted milk.

Caffe latte

Caffe latte is a milder type of coffee, with added milk. Steamed milk is added to an espresso. To finish, milk foam is poured over the top.

Caffe mocha

A caffe mocha is similar to the caffe latte, but has the addition of chocolate and whipped cream. Make it by pouring chocolate sauce into your glass, adding a shot of espresso with steamed milk to finish.

Cafe au lait

Mix dark roasted filter coffee together with warmed milk. Cafe au lait is a coffee traditionally taken in the morning by the French.


Mix espresso with milk foam to make a cappuccino. It is a very popular drink to consume today.

Coffee Culture

Italian roast coffee is part of the modern coffee culture. The term coffee culture refers to the traditional and social behaviour surrounding the consumption of coffee. It can also mean the adoption of coffee drinking as a stimulant, widely consumed by the general public.

The importance of coffee

There are several ways that drinking coffee can help you to feel better. It can give you more energy and improve your physical performance. Drinking coffee could help your body to burn fat, as it will energize your body’s metabolism. It may improve brain function as well as reduce the risks from several health conditions. You may get more than you expect from your Italian roast coffee.