The Story Behind Caffeinate

With Jamie, Emma & our many kids.

Who are the cool cats behind Caffeinate Coffee?

👋 Hey there stranger,

We’re Jamie & Emma, a husband and wife team – we are self-confessed coffeeholics.

With four children under seven years old, all with different needs, like so many people, we found lockdown incredibly challenging at times and needed to be a strong partnership.

Crazy work hours, and constantly trying to entertain the little ones (our second son has autism, and the lockdown was particularly harsh for him), led to me and Emma basically living off coffee and, let’s just say, less than healthy food.

On the other hand, this meant that we tried a huge variety of coffee, from all the Nespresso Pods, to subscription packs and everything in between. One day, after pouring away yet another cup of gruesome coffee, we saw the light. ‘We could make a better coffee than this’, we said. So, we did. After a ridiculous number of coffee bean testing and trailing sessions (not to mention being wired for a fair few days), we finally created a brilliant blend that we both really, really loved.

We made some more of it and shared it with our families and friends, hoping to get some initial feedback. The feedback was awesome! Everyone we gave it to loved it and asked for more. The rest, as they say, is history.

Caffeinate Coffee Packet

We don’t use gimmicks.

We don’t just follow trends.

We don’t add strange flavours.

What we do is make coffee you can drink all year round and get a great taste experience of perfect blend and base every time. You want it sweeter? Just add sugar, honey, agave nectar or even maple syrup.